Middle School Social Studies

Mr. Michael Cilano

Curriculum Overview:

Social Studies

Holy Cross Middle School Social Studies emphasizes historical analysis and synthesis. Technology is integrated within the lessons to enhance student learning. Students are exposed to a wide variety of media and study/test taking skills to enhance their critical thinking skills and to be able to apply the lessons of the past to the present. Map skills are emphasized as well as civic, economics and sociology. Students in the 4th – 8th grade compete in the National Geographic Bee and are encouraged to enrich their study by choosing historically relevant books for their Language Arts independent reading.

6th & 7th Grade Social Studies – World History

6th Grade Social Studies is a survey class meant to expose the students to a broad range of World History. The class begins a journey that will take the students on a trip through World History from the Ancient Empires into the 20th century, including Europe, the Americas, Asia and Africa over two years: 6th and 7th grade. In 6th grade, the students roughly cover the time period from the Ancient World to the Middle Ages. Our text for 6th grade is Macmillan/McGraw Hill’s Our World.

7th Grade Social Studies continues the survey class begun in 6th grade introducing the students to a broad range of World History. The class continues the trip taking the students through World History. In 7th grade, the students cover the Age of Exploration to the Fall of Soviet Communism. In addition the 7th grade often begins 8th grade curriculum by the end of the year. Our text in 7th grade is Glencoe’s Journey Across Time.

8th Grade Social Studies – American History

8th Grade Social Studies takes the students on a trip through American history from the American Revolution through Reconstruction. The main focus of 8th grade Social Studies is the Civil War. Their study is accented by a trip to Gettysburg National Battlefield Park to partake in a battle reenactment. 8th graders also have the opportunity to join the History Club, an after school enrichment club in which the students discuss more deeply the 20th century history learned in 7th grade. Our text in 8th grade is Glencoe’s The American Journey.


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