Holy Cross School encompasses Pre-Kindergarten through Grade Eight. All instruction adheres closely to the curriculum guidelines of the Archdiocese of Washington and the state of Maryland. These guidelines are continually revised and enhanced to meet the expanding needs of students as we begin this new millennium. Creative and innovative lessons are designed by the teachers to engage the students as they explore and discover the wonders of learning. Lessons are presented through cooperative learning groups, class discussions, whole group instruction, and telecommunications. Field trips, guest speakers, videos, and other materials are used to support and enrich the curriculum. Since technology is becoming an increasingly important tool in our society, all teachers are continually searching for new and effective ways to integrate various forms of technology into the classrooms. As a result our students participate in many Internet activities that greatly extend their learning horizons.

Our textbooks are current and up to date. These programs were carefully examined and the selection was made based on their support of the Archdiocesan curriculum.

A Back to School Night takes place early in September. The teachers give the parents a complete overview of the curriculum. They also explain the discipline and homework procedures. Homework is given to reinforce the concept and skills learned in the classroom. Students also have long-range assignments that foster organization and responsibility. Parents are encouraged to provide their children the necessary space, materials, time, and support to complete their assignments. However, the children are expected to do their work independently.

Pre-Kindergarten – Grade 2 (Primary Grades)

The Primary department comprises our Pre-Kindergarten program and continues through Grade 2. Both Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten are developmental in nature while the first and second grades are more academically oriented. Since Holy Cross recognizes the growing trend of renewed commitment to the young child, a hands-on, activity-based approach is emphasized. We strive to enable each child to reach his / her full potential by enabling the student in the teaching and learning process to recognize the relationships and connections that exist among various subjects.

The teachers are responsible for the teaching of religion, language arts, social studies, science, and mathematics. Lessons are carefully integrated to help students recognize the relationships and connections that exist among the various subjects.

Grades Three, Four, and Five (Intermediate Grades)

Grades 3, 4, and 5 build on the basics that were taught in the primary grades. The Third and Fourth grade students change classes for one hour every day for mathematics Third Gradeand reading. The students often work in cooperative groups as they complete projects, solve problems, and research on the Internet. Learning centers are created for constructive activities.