Guidance Counselor

Dr. Rachelle Bowman

Curriculum Overview:

    Dr. Rachelle Bowman, LCPC, NCC is the part-time school counselor at Holy Cross. Dr. Bowman focuses on helping students grow socially and emotionally, through individual meetings, group work, and classroom lessons.

    In addition to specific concerns which may arise, Dr. Bowman supports Holy Cross in creating a safe, supportive atmosphere in which students communicate productively with each other. Students are coached on how to defuse negative interactions and resolve conflicts.

    Students are taught a system of problem-solving strategies for conflict resolution, called DEBUG. The steps in this system guide children in resolving their own conflicts if they feel that someone is “bugging” them. Students are taught to try the first four steps towards resolving conflict on their own. If they have tried these steps without success, they are then to seek support.

    The steps are as follows:

    1. Decide to Ignore
    2. Exit—Move away from the situation
    3. Be Friendly—Use friendly words and “I” messages
      (eg. “I feel _________ when you _________.” or “I would like you to __________.”)
    4. Use Firm Words—Use the “bugger’s” name and let the person know you are “serious.” Tell them you will need to ask for help if the behavior does not stop.
    5. Get Help

    When adult support is required, a staff member facilitates the conversation between students to help students resolve the conflict between themselves.

    Class meetings are also conducted on a regular basis. These meetings vary in frequency and duration based on the needs of each individual class. The goal of class meetings is to create a cohesive group of students who work together, communicate, and collaborate on how to create a positive learning environment for all members of the class.

Teacher Bio – Dr. Rachelle Bowman

      Dr. Bowman earned her Masters & Doctoral degrees from Virginia Tech. She earned her Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Maryland College Park.

      Dr. Bowman served as President of the Virginia Tech chapter of Chi Sigma Iota, the Honor Society for counseling graduate students. She spent years supervising graduate students in counselor preparation programs and served as a Graduate Student Liaison between a local counseling association and graduate programs.

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