Grade 6 (Homeroom)

Mrs. Shari Connor (Middle School Science Teacher)
Mrs. Colleen Wampler (Middle School Math Teacher)

Curriculum Overview:

    Sixth grade is a year of excitement, change, new experiences and transitions. The students go from one contained classroom to navigating 7 different classes, in more than one classroom with multiple teachers. Life in the 6th grade homeroom is all about embracing changes, learning to handle all the responsibilities of middle school and enjoying all the new experiences that come with growing up. The year starts off with the responsibility of being a patrol and learning how to prepare for the day before leaving homeroom. During the year, activities available to the 6th grade middle school student include Middle School Choir, Youth Group, performing in the Musical, and participating in the Science Fair for the first time. The year ends with the confidence that comes from conquering a new challenge and the much anticipated Patrol Picnic. Sixth grade is a year of growth and maturity and hopefully a lot of fun.

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