RAP Program

Holy Cross Elementary School
New Student Referral Award Program (“RAP”)

(“RAP Program”)

Holy Cross Elementary School works continuously to reduce or eliminate the rate of
increase in school cost per student, keep tuitions affordable, provide resources to
expand tuition assistance programs, and fund all of our academic initiatives. The
school’s ability to achieve these objectives depends in large part upon how effectively we
can maintain and increase enrollment, while preserving the intimate teaching
environment our students now enjoy. Unlike schools that have two classes per grade and
a larger student population over which to spread fixed costs, Holy Cross Elementary
School’s smaller size makes maintaining a sufficient enrollment essential to the school’s

Although our faculty, staff and School Board work tirelessly to promote the school and
obtain new, qualified students, Holy Cross Elementary School also depends upon its
students’ families and our parishioners to help us identify prospective families
interested in becoming part of the Holy Cross School community.

The Holy Cross New Student Referral Award Program (“RAP”) is being launched this
year to help Holy Cross achieve these goals. RAP is designed to encourage each current
Holy Cross School family to become ambassadors for increasing school enrollment by
providing a substantial financial incentive in the form of tuition credits for referring
new, qualified students who ultimately gain admission to and attend the school. The
following paragraphs provide details of RAP and what is required to be eligible to
receive a tuition credit incentive award.

Referral Award Program Highlights

  • A Tuition Credit in the amount of up to $2,000 per qualified new student referred by your family to the school for enrollment in grades 1 through 8.
  • There are no limits on the number of student candidates a family can refer.
  • The Tuition Credit will be applied against your family’s tuition bill from Holy Cross School in the year following the enrollment and attendance at Holy Cross School of the new student.
  • Eligibility and the amount and timing of use of Tuition Credit are subject to the rules below.

Eligibility and Rules

Eligibility, Awarding, and Terms of Use of Tuition Credit

  • All families of currently enrolled students at Holy Cross School are eligible to participate in RAP.
  • The referring family must be in Good Standing with the School, including remaining current in its tuition and fee payment obligations through and following the Effective Date (as defined herein) of the Tuition Credit.
  • The amount of the Tuition Credit will be prorated based on the Date of Enrollment of the Referral Student relative to the full school year. For example, if the Referral Student enrolls in grade K through 8 at the school in the middle of the school year, then the Tuition Credit will be one-half (50%) of the maximum $1,000 amount, or $500. The proration will be based on the number of school days attended by the Referral Student relative to the total number of school days in the school year. If the Referral Student continues at Holy Cross the following year, the balance of the $1,000 Tuition Credit Amount may be earned in the subsequent year provided the referring family remaining in Good Standing.
  • The Effective Date of the Tuition Credit will be January 1 of the school fiscal year following the Date of Enrollment of the Referral Student and payment of appropriate scheduled tuition and fees by the Referral Student’s family. The Tuition Credit is a one-time credit and will only be applied on the Effective Date and will NOT be credited in subsequent years.
  • Any pending Tuition Credit may not be used to fulfil initial registration deposits or any tuition and fees of the referring family prior to the Effective Date.
  • Where the referral results in a new family with multiple children attending the school, the maximum Tuition Credit receivable for all such Referral Students in that family is $4,000.

Referral Procedures

  • All referrals must be correctly dated and submitted directly to the Principal’s Office using the school’s official RAP Referral Form. Undocumented referrals made without this form, or RAP Referral Forms which are not completed in their entirety, WILL NOT be qualified to receive the Tuition Credit.
  • Referrals must be submitted with the consent of the prospective student’s family.
  • Interviews of prospective students and families will be granted in the sole discretion of the Principal based on the prospective student’s qualifications and background in relation to the requirements for enrollment at Holy Cross Elementary School. The final admission decision will be made by the Principal, at his or her discretion.
  • The first family in Good Standing to provide the completed RAP Referral Form and submit the necessary information requested in the RAP Referral Form will be eligible to receive the Tuition Credit. The determination of the timing of submission of such forms will be governed by the date and time such materials are received by the Principal’s Office.
  • The RAP Referral Form must be received by the Principal’s Office prior to the identification of the prospective student by any other means or from any other source (including the attendance of the prospective student’s family at any Open House held by Holy Cross, any prior documented inquiry from the prospective student’s family regarding Holy Cross, or any other documented identification of the student or the student’s family by another school family, parishioner, or other source).
  • Referrals of children of the families of current students or students previously attending Holy Cross School WILL NOT be eligible for RAP Tuition Credits.
  • Referrals expire nine (9) months after the date the RAP Referral Form is submitted to the Principal’s Office provided the referring family remains in Good Standing. For the referral to be valid after nine (9) months of the original submission, the referring family in Good Standing must re-submit an updated RAP Referral Form for the prospective.
  • The family referring the prospective student should be able to, and will be asked to, provide a personal reference for the referred student and his/her family.
  • The Principal and the Rectory must approve all Tuition Credit awards.
  • No RAP Tuition Credits will be awarded for new student enrollment where the new student is the child of any school or parish employee (including part time, contract or temporary employees).
  • Recipients of Tuition Credits are urged to consult their individual financial and tax advisors concerning the potential tax treatment of such credits.