Grade 2

Mrs. Nicci Falcone
Mrs. Lorraine Branson

Curriculum Overview:

Language Arts instruction is designed to meet each student at their individual stage of development. It includes systematic phonics and spelling instruction to strengthen phonemic awareness, and understanding of common spelling patterns.

Reading instruction promotes fluency and comprehension, with an introduction of vocabulary and high frequency words. All genres are explored, with much of the expository reading linked to curriculum goals in science and math.

Second Grade students also strengthen their writing ability. We look at the components of the four basic types of sentences, as well as paragraph structure. An absolute favorite of all Second Grade students is learning to write in cursive!

Social Studies curriculum introduces students to a basic understanding of local, state, and federal government structures. We also compare past to present to gain and understanding of history, and compare cultures from around the world through literature. Map skills are also developed.

Science concepts introduced help students understand the world around them. Students compare the characteristics of living and non-living things, animals and plants, and their habitats.

Our Saxon Math program incorporates daily drill of basic math facts and solution strategies to build fluency with numbers. Students work with fractions, telling time, measurement, geometry and algebra. By year’s end, students are adding and subtracting with and without regrouping. Students also begin to develop an understanding of the concepts for multiplying and dividing numbers.

Second Grade students prepare for the sacraments of Reconciliation and First Holy Communion. We work towards a greater understanding of how to live our lives in accordance with the Ten Commandments, using the gifts that God has bestowed on each of us.








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