Grade 3

Ms. Brittany Kline

Curriculum Overview:

In third grade, students will focus on the subjects of Reading, English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies and Religion. In addition, students participate weekly in Music, Art, Physical Education, Computer Lab, Library and Spanish classes.

Reading & Writing

Reading comprehension skills include the areas of understanding fiction and non-fiction reading selections, identifying main ideas, sequencing events, recalling details, making predictions, drawing inferences, vocabulary development, and understanding cause and effect relationships.

Third graders will learn and practice the steps of the writing process. Proper grammar, spelling, and the mechanics of writing are emphasized to enable students to communicate effectively.


Third graders focus on learning fact families in addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division in mathematics. Other third grade mathematical skills include understanding equivalent fractions, decimals, geometry, telling time, units of measurement, graphing, predicting outcomes and analyzing data.


The third grade science curriculum focuses on the life, earth, and physical sciences. Students will learn the scientific method of data collection and experimentation.

Social Studies

The social studies curriculum reviews the concept of community in urban, suburban and rural areas. Students will learn the regions of the United States by studying the geography, climate, natural resources, history and culture of each region. We will cover civics and government.


In Religion, the students will continue learning about their Catholic faith, the Blessed Trinity, the life and teachings of Jesus and the Sacraments.

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